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25/3 2012 - Xbunker presents: Duck and Cover. same same but different
Artists: Anders Reventlov Larsen, Lars Hempler, Jonas Palm, Bill Bach, Berit Dröse, Anne Skole Overgaard, Kit Carlsen and more.
The artists describe their exhibition like this: 
"The last art exhibition in the world before the Apocalypse can be seen in the former bomb shelter, XBunker in Sønderborg.
The exhibition is a group exhibition. It is going to show works of the most important artists in the world, of various types, materials and expression.
The XBunker itself is perfect for this last exhibition in the world, as we hope for the brilliant military construction to enact as a way of preservation capsule, when the
Apocalypse has happened. Nevertheless, we kindly ask the spectator to disregard all these semi-sad factors, and to let himself be taken by the abundance of works present in the rooms in the XBunker , as we imagine that the belief that this is the last art exhibition in the world may influence the way of perceiving these works in a disturbing manner.
All the invited artists have had the opportunity to freely interpret the concept of the exhibition, but the main focus has been on drawings."

Opening: Friday April 4th, 14.00
Gallery hours: April. 8 - April. 24 2012
Sundays, 14.00 - 16.00 - and by appointment

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XBunker, Sønderborg Library | Nørre Havnegade 15, 6400 Sønderborg - Denmark